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Pastor Natalie Andrews is the youngest daughter of Jose and Inocencia Natividad and is the youngest sibling
to Senior Pastor Roberto “Bobby” Natividad. Pastor Natalie was born in Quezon City, Philippines.

As a child she suffered from Glomerulonephritis, a usually fatal kidney disease, which caused her to remain in
the hospital for much of her childhood, and on several occasions to nearly die. She was told by the doctors
that she would die by the age of 12 should it recur. But through much prayer from her family and friends,
Pastor Natalie was supernaturally healed.

At the young age of 8 years old, Pastor Natalie’s father, Col. Jose Natividad, passed away after suffering for
many years from lung cancer. Although her father was a man of strong military discipline to his other children,
she often recalls sitting on his lap receiving a great deal of love from him.

On November 29, 1979, at the age of thirteen, Pastor Natalie’s mother, Inocencia Natividad, brought her to an
evangelistic revival where she received the Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and also was completely healed
from the kidney disease.

She attributes her devotion to God because of the influence of her mother, who was a strong, prayerful
woman of God. Often times, throughout her young life, she would be taken to evangelistic crusades, revivals,
and witnessing her mother doing deliverance and supernatural healings.

At this young age, Natalie was already involved in many aspects of the ministry. She started as an associate
minister, and was eventually ordained, handling many different activities like feeding the orphans and
windows, ministering deliverance in mental institutions, praying for the sick at different hospitals, particularly
those suffering from tuberculosis, counseling, holding bible studies, and many others.

While in college, Pastor Natalie majored in Psychology, but has also studied at various Bible colleges
including Rhema Bible College, International School of Ministry (ISOM), Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and

In 1986, she was introduced to a young man named Jeff Andrews by one of her friends. It would be another 6
months before they saw each other regularly when they started attending the same church that one of her
brothers started. Sometime later they began a seven long year courtship, having to be chaperoned at various
times by Pastor Natalie’s other brothers and sisters.

While attending Bible College, she was chosen to spearhead the school’s mission trip to China in 1991 and
1992. From their base in Hong Kong, she led a team of 70 people, smuggling bibles into China 8 times,
bringing in a combined total of about 25,000 bibles to the persecuted Chinese Christians in underground

In September of 1993 Jeff and Natalie were married, and within a few days moved to Canada. It was there in
Canada, that a year later, Pastor Natalie gave birth to their daughter, Daphne.

In 1996 God called Jeff and Natalie to Folsom, CA to start a church. She started out by opening a bible study
with a handful of people. This single bible study started out in various homes, restaurants, and buildings
throughout Sacramento area. Three years later, Pastor Natalie, along with her brother and Senior Pastor,
Roberto “Bobby” Natividad, would start the first service of International Full Gospel Church in November
1999, in the clubhouse of Pastor Bobby’s apartment complex. Today IFGC Sunday service resides in
Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova Hotel.

Over the years, she has involved herself in various ministries that have allowed her to visit over 10 countries
throughout the world, conducting revivals, healings, planting churches, preaching in prisons, ministering to
the widows and orphans, and smuggling bibles into countries where Christianity is illegal.

Pastor Natalie Andrews is currently the Associate Pastor at International Full Gospel Church in Rancho
Cordova, CA. Her primary responsibilities include the Counseling Ministry, Homeless Ministry, and Women’s
Mentoring and Leadership. She is also Ministry Administrator for the Music Ministry, Women’s Ministry,
Sacramento, California