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Pastor Roberto "Bobby" Natividad was born to Jose and Inocencia Natividad who are from the Islands
of Panay, the Province of Antique, Philippines; roughly 380 miles south of the capital Manila. Pastor
Bobby's father Jose, was a military officer serving the U.S Army at the time the Philippines was under
the U.S government. Later on he continued with the Philippine Army and attained the rank of a Colonel
when the Philippines became Independent. As a high ranking military officer Jose and Inocencia lived
in the upper middle class of society allowing them to live quite comfortably with maids for their home,
nannies, and governor for their ten sons and daughters. Jose was the disciplinarian and Inocencia was
the comforter.
His vision and discipline was for his children to live independently and separate from the care he
provided for them. He foresaw his children living abroad.

Pastor Bobby's started very young as a missionary both domestically and internationally, almost right
after being born-again and baptized in the Spirit. God sent him to the mission fields of Europe of more
than nine different countries during the 80's, eventually settling in Ireland.

God, called Pastor Bobby and his family to the United Stated on June 30, 1999. Since his arrival Pastor
Bobby has gone through a lot of insurmountable and inconceivable challenges but Jesus made him
overcome all of them. He has been residing in Folsom, CA, USA from the time he arrived in the United
States up to present.

The world wide vision and accomplishments of ministries God built through his group are just
phenomenal. He is quite content with all the responsibilities and mighty influence the Lord faithfully
provides. He is certain that wherever he goes that it is ordained by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

Pastor Bobby's Motto: "To please the Master (God) alone at all times!"
Sacramento, California